Comprised of Brian Ross (bass), Sam McGarrity (guitar), and Jules Jenssen (drums)- Ross Jenssen combines the heaviness and acrobatics of progressive-instrumental-metal with the dynamics and ethereal textures of a cinematic score.   Imagine the instrumentalists of Tool backing up Hans Zimmer….

      Utilizing modern performance technology for mind-bending audio, video, and lighting effects in real time as well as good old fashioned high level musicianship, Ross Jenssen is able to create a unique new sound that has already started to win over music fans of all interests.  


About "Stories" EP

"Stories," is the sophomore release from heavy-future-groove trio, Ross Jenssen.  Performed and recorded in-studio live as an ensemble with minimal overdubs added in post production.  Drawing upon the heavier sounds found amongst the more diverse styles comprising their debut release, "Phrases,"  the "Stories" EP exemplifies Ross Jenssen's desire to dish out heavy tunes for heavy times. 

about "phrases"

Ross Jenssen creates heavy, futuristic, instrumental music that intends to evoke imagery akin to a wild journey through time and space, or the cinematic score to a dream.  Ross Jenssen does this primarily through electric bass and drums. A spin of Ross Jenssen's debut album, Phrases, may find the listener anywhere from the back alleys of a middle-eastern marketplace in the distant past, to a dance party in a distant future that would make Mad Max feel at home.   Ross Jenssen is here to take you there and back and everywhere in between. 


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